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Rossi Boutique Hotel St Petersburg - faq

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What kind of room views do you have?

Depending on the category, room windows can look out on the quiet patio, on the Fontanka embankment or Lomonosova square. You can find detailed information on rooms of each category in Rooms section.

What types of beds are there in the rooms?

In accordance with European standards, we have beds of the following types: single (90200 cm), double (140200 m), queen-size (160200 m), king-size (180200 m).

Depending on room category, Rossi offers you the following types of beds:
- Standard rooms can have double, twin and king-size beds;
- Deluxe suites have queen-size, king-size, two single beds or odd-size beds (200220 cm);
- 2-room Deluxe suites have king-size beds;
- Eexecutive suites have king-size and odd-size beds (210190 m);
- Luxury suites have odd-size beds (210190/240 m);
- 2-room Luxury suites have king-size beds;
- Economy-class rooms have single beds.

Do you provide twin beds?

Yes, depending on the category of the room, you can have twin beds or a single big-size bed. Twin beds are available in Standard and Deluxe rooms. For more information see Rooms section.

Do you offer extra beds? In which rooms?

You can have an extra bed in every room category starting from Deluxe rooms. The cost of an extra bed is RUB 1800 excluding breakfast and RUB 2500 inclludin breakfast. An extra bed is a European-style folding bed (90200 m).
In Deluxe and 2-room Deluxe rooms one extra bed can be provided. In Executive and Luxury Suites you can have one or two extra beds, depending on the size of the suites. In 2-room Luxury suites more than two extra beds can be provided.

Do you have rooms for newly-weds?

Almost every room of the Rossi Hotel can be prepared as a room for newly-weds. If you ask us, we would advise Deluxe and above; these rooms are the most beautiful and most suitable for creating the special atmosphere. For more information on our wedding offer, see Events Wedding.

Is there a minibar in the rooms?

Yes, every hotel room has a minibar. Minibar is charged extra. The cost of the minibar contents is displayed on the minibar door, as well as in the guestbook which can be found in every suite.

Do you provide ironing utensils?

Ironing utensils are provided upon request. You can also have your things ironed. You can find special bags with instructions in every room.

Do you provide tea utensils in rooms?

Tea utensils are provided free of charge upon request.

Do you have rooms for physically-impaired people?

At present there are no specially-equipped rooms for physically-impaired people. However, we are ready to discuss any wishes or preferences of our guests and talk about what we can do for this particular person.

Do you have bathtubs or showers in the rooms?

Our rooms have bathtubs and shower units. Please specify your preferences in the reservation amendments. Depending on the category of the room. we offer:

Economy-class room a bathtub;
Standard a bathtub or shower;
Deluxe a bathtub or shower;
2-room Deluxe a bath with a shower unit;
Executive a bathtub or shower;
Luxury a bath combining bathtub and shower;
2-room Luxury a bath with a hydromassage bathtub.

Do you have parquet or commercial carpet in rooms?

All hotel rooms have parquet floor. For more information see Rooms section.

What channels do you have at the hotel?

Rossi Hotel offers you the following channels:
Channel 1 ( )
Russia 1
TVC ()
Channel 5
STS ()
Russia 2
Media Set
Direct 8
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