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Rossi Boutique Hotel St Petersburg - faq

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How can I check room availability and rates?

There are several ways for you to check room availability and rates online:
* On each page, in the upper right-hand corner there is a Make a reservation block. Type in your check-in date, the number of nights youre going to stay, the number of rooms, the number of people in the room. After pressing the Book button you get the information on available room types, rates and reservation options;
* On the Rooms tab use the Reservation submenu. The interface is the same as in Make a reservation block.
In case of any questions or difficulties please contact us.

How do I book a room online?

1. After following the steps in the previous answer, press Book against the rate you prefer; please check the reservation policy (payment and cancellation conditions) beforehand.
2. Choose extra services if necessary;
3. Enter your personal information;
4. Check our Terms of service and confirm your acceptance of the reservation conditions.

How do I change my reservation?

Our system doesnt allow you to make changes after you have completed the reservation. In this case you have 2 options:
1. You can contact the hotel in any way and make us aware of the changes;
2. You can make another resrvation with the right data and cancel the previous one.
Always pay attention to reservation and cancellation conditions.

How do I cancel my reservation?

1. For cancellation go to Main page Rooms tab - Reservation;
2. Press Cancel reservation
3. Type in your reservation number and the name in which the reservation was made, and press Check reservation;
4. After the reservation was found, press Cancel reservation, providing the reason for cancellation in the next step.

How can I leave a review about my stay?

In the letter you get after check-out follow the Leave a review link or press one of the icons of evaluation resources/social networks/communities.

How do I check the prices (rack rates and special offers)?

You can check the rack rates in the Reservation section (the link to the left of the calendar).
You can find our special offers and discounts in the Special offers section.

Do you offer discounts for card holders? Does the hotel participate in any discount programs?

Discounts for card holders are offered only for booking on rack rates. The list of affiliates, card types, discounts and reservation conditions can be viewed under Special offers Discounts.
These discounts are not available for special offers or any other kinds of rates/best available prices.

I have a problem booking online.

Below are several reasons why you can have a problem booking online:
1. rooms are not available try other dates or other search criteria;
2. you didnt fill in the necessary fields when typing the data submit all required information;
3. you submitted a wrong card number check the number of the card and make sure the information was submitted correctly
4. you did not complete the reservation check if the system requires your confirmation.
If you are sure you did everything correctly, the information you submitted was correct and required fields were filled out, please contact us by any means you prefer and report the error. We can call you back: just press the Call you back? button at the bottom of the Make a reservation block in the upper right-hand corner of any page.

What is the difference between the rates?

Usually the difference between the rates is in the reservation conditions, payment policy and reservation cancellation.
* Best unlimited rate the most flexible rate, no down payment, with an opportunity to cancel your reservation at any time within the limits of the cancellation policy; onsite payment.
* Best limited rate with down payment; no refund in case of change or cancellation of reservation.
* Early Bird rate unlike other rates, it is available minimum 3 days before expected check-in date; down payment; no refund in case of change or cancellation of reservation.
* Late reservation rate available 3 days inclusive from current date only. No down payment. You can cancel the reservation with no sanctions under standard cancellation policy. Up to 30% discount from the rack rate. Onsite payment.
The number of rates available depends on the occupancy rate and the season. Rates may be added or withdrawn without previous notice.

Can I book without a credit card (alternative options)?

You can only book online with credit card guarantee. April through end of October, credit card guarantee is necessary. If you dont have a credit card, you can make a down payment by written order/bank transfer, or you can make a down payment in cash with our reception and accomodation service. If the rate you prefer suggests down payment and no refund, the reservation conditions and cancellation policy will be valid with any form of payment.

Do I have to print anything out for check-in? What do I need for check-in?

When checking in, you only need to provide the number of your reservation. You dont need to print out a confirmation of your reservation, but it is better to have it in case any information needs verifying.
According to the law, you have to provide your passport of the Russian Federation citizen (not your international passport) for registration purposes. Foreign citizens must have a valid visa and migration card besides passport.

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