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Saint Petersburg

Stand in your splendour, City of Peter!
Saint Petersburg is an extraordinary city. It was envisioned to be a European-style imperial capital, and built according to the desire of a single man - Peter the Great. Even at the very start, the difficulties of materializing Peter’s obsession were overwhelming. The climate was harsh. The proposed construction site was practically a swamp surrounded by virgin woods. But nothing could stand in the way of Peter's will, and there rose a new city, with its unique character, a place that leaves a mark on every neophyte.


Port city
Built on the coast of the Finnish Gulf, the Northern Capital lay on several islands, connected with drawbridges. The Neva River pierces the city, and its granite embankments form a dividing line between its districts. Private yachts make fast here, alongside passenger boats and men-of-war. The rivers and canals are strewn with cruising launches.


Cultural gem of Europe
The city was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. The first building in Saint Petersburg was Peter and Paul Fortress, which was the conception and cradle of the city itself. From then on, Saint Petersburg has celebrated the appearance of a range of renowned cultural landmarks: the Hermitage, Russian Museum, Kunstkamera, Admiralty, Isaac’s Cathedral. Among the architects who put their shoulder to the wheel, one can name Montferrand, Rastrelli, Quarenghi, Trezzini, Rossi, and other masters. The touches they made to the city – the palaces, mansions, and cathedrals, churches, embankments, the gardens, parks, philharmonic halls, and theatres – amounted to an appearance that is not to be simultaneously perceived. However, it's out there for everybody to follow the traits.


Modern megapolis
Saint Petersburg is one of the largest Europian cities. It is listed 4th after Paris (9.5 mln), Moscow (9.3 mln), and London (7.6 mln) according to the number of citizens. As a developed economic zone, it attracts investors and creates a bustling spot for business activity.
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